“First we have to believe and then we believe.” – Martha Graham

In celebration of the upcoming hundredth anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which finally extended the right to vote to women in the U.S., the Martha Graham Dance Company has announced The EVE Project — a guiding force behind the Company’s 2018–19 and 2019–20 seasons.

The EVE Project honors not only the progress of women in the last 100 years, but also provides entrée into today’s most pressing conversations about gender and power. New works from several female choreographers have been commissioned, and the classic repertory will feature both Martha Graham’s heroines and anti-heroines — all with an underlying statement about female power.

The EVE Project is intended to connect audiences—in the ephemeral and visceral way dance does—to both historical and contemporary ideas of the feminine,”

says Janet Eilber, Artistic Director of the Martha Graham Dance Company. “It provides a lens through which to consider Graham’s transformative views of women in concert with the immediate and personal creations of today’s visionary dance makers.”



Chronicle (1936)

Graham’s stirring response to the rise of fascism in 1936 and to the unmatched power of the collective will.

Music: Wallingford Riegger
Set: Isamu Noguchi
Costumes: Martha Graham


Circe (1963)

An atmospheric look at the Sorceress and her band of bewitched animals as they try to seduce Odysseus.

Music: Alan Hovaness
Set: Isamu Noguchi
Costumes: Martha Graham


Deo (2019)

Choreographers Maxine Doyle and Bobbi Jene Smith collaborate on a work for all women based on the myth of Persephone.

Music: Lesley Flanigan


El Penitente (1940)

With a modernist style evoking primitive or naïve art come to life, this dramatization is based on the rituals of the American Southwest. We see a troupe of strolling players enact vignettes from the Bible.

Music: Louis Horst
Set: Isamu Noguchi


Every Soul is a Circus (1939)

A wry look at a woman’s illusions of grandeur as she imagines her life and loves through the lens of stardom.

Music: Paul Nordoff
Set: Philip Stapp
Costumes: Edythe Gilfond


Herodiade (1944)

A woman struggles with choices of independence and empowerment while another tries to contain her.

Music: Paul Hindemith
Set: Isamu Noguchi
Costumes: Edythe Gilfond


Secular Games (1962)

A comedic look at the universal antics of humans trying to impress each other.

Music: Robert Starer
Set: Marion Kinsella
Costumes: Martha Graham


Untitled (Souvenir) (2019)

A group work created by Pam Tanowitz using her signature style to manipulate phrases from some of Graham’s lesser-known works.

Music: Caroline Shaw